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Implantación códigos QR

QR codes implantation

With the objective of keeping innovating and offering a better service to our customers, we are glad to inform you that on all new productions, either BIE 25 and BIE45, it's going to be implementing a new sticker with QR codes on the doors inner surface.

Nowadays, the QR codes using is very extended. It's a system that allows us to be redirected in a very simple way to a link or document located at a determined internet address, only using our smartphone or tablet camera.

We took profit of this technology and adapted it to our products to offer you an intuitive tool, that allows you to identify quickly the exact hose reel cabinet you have installed and have access to all available technical information.

Like is shown on the above image, the sticker is composed of 3 sections, each one properly indicated and with a QR code assigned.

Technical sheet


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